This blog (https://clsphila.wordpress.com/) is the official blog of Community Legal Services, Inc., of Philadelphia (CLS). As with most blogs, views or opinions expressed by anyone other than the blog’s authors, such as comments to the postings, or information, views, or opinions accessed via links to non-CLS sites, may not represent those of CLS or its employees.

The information on this blog is not legal advice. You should not rely on this blog as a source of legal advice. The use of this blog does not create an attorney-client relationship between CLS and any user.

When using this blog, you may be directed to content and websites that are not contained within our blog. CLS takes no responsibility for the contents of other websites. Inclusion of any link does not imply recommendation, approval or endorsement of that website by CLS, nor does it imply that the linked site recommends, approves of, or endorses the opinions set forth in this blog.

CLS is funded by a variety of sources, some of which impose restrictions on what CLS may do with the funding. This blog is funded exclusively with the use of unrestricted funds and/or funds which specifically allow their use for this type of activity.

For a full Legal Disclaimer of CLS’s online presence, please visit the official CLS website.

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